Conveyancing Search Provider Urges Caution Over Flood Plain New Builds

According to information from the Environment Agency, there are currently 5.9 million properties at risk of flooding in the UK, equating to one in six homes – an increase of 400,000 properties since 2013.

Put into monetary figures, the statistics are even more startling, with the effects of flooding and managing flood risk costing the UK approximately £2.2bn a year.

The situation only looks set to become more serious, with recent research from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change revealing that sea levels look set to rise by 67cm by 2100.

Yet despite this increasing risk, recent analysis of planning documents has shown that over 11,000 new homes are planned to be built on land the government considers at high-risk of flooding (and where thousands of properties have been devastated by flooding since November 2019.)

Conveyancing search provider Geodesys is urging that those considering purchasing at-risk homes ensure they have all the necessary information before making their decision.

Jonny Davey, Geodesys Product Manager and conveyancing expert, comments:

“For many properties at high risk of flood there is a scheme called Flood Re which makes insurance available at an affordable cost. However, this only applies to properties built before 2009 and will not apply to these newly built homes.

“We would therefore urge that anyone looking to buy a property obtains a thorough set of conveyancing searches, including a full flood search, before making a purchase, even if they are buying a new build. This is the only way they can equip themselves with all the necessary information about the potential risks they are exposing themselves to- and act accordingly.

“Bespoke flood searches give a comprehensive summary of the flood risks of an individual property, across all the different types of external flooding, (surface, ground water, sea or rivers etc.) This allows potential purchasers to get important information on insurability-a key factor in any property purchasing decision.

“It’s important to note that insurers will use their own methods, (often based on the same data flood searches contain,) to understand if they wish to offer insurance or not, and at what level and what cost. However, a flood report is a very good early indicator of that likelihood, so any potential purchaser is prepared for the outcome (and can decide whether to even proceed with the purchase or not.)”

Part of Anglian Water, Geodesys is a leading provider of land and property information in England and Wales. The company offers a full range of residential and commercial conveyancing searches including compliance, environmental, Local Authority, drainage and water, flood, planning, chancel and energy and infrastructure.

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