Industry experts to share the ins and outs of conveyancing risk and legislations in Grantham

UK provider of conveyancing searches is heading to Grantham on 3 October for CPD event

Geodesys – part of Anglian Water and a leading provider of conveyancing searches for residential and commercial properties throughout England and Wales – is teaming up with industry experts for their latest Continuing Professional Development (CPD) seminar for modern conveyancers in Grantham on 3 October entitled ‘The ins and outs of conveyancing risk and legislation’.

The complimentary seminar is taking place at Belton Woods Hotel, Grantham from 9:00am until 2:00pm (lunch included). The event will feature prolific industry experts such as Kate Faulkner who will explore three topical issues facing conveyancers – the regional and national housing market, anti-money laundering and drainage and water (CON29DW) – and provide recommendations on the best tools for remaining compliant.

Kay Toon, Client Account Executive from Geodesys, comments: “Our CPD events are a fantastic way for local conveyancers to interact with experts and keep themselves updated with industry news, developments and legislation changes. They also provide a useful means to obtaining knowledge on the correct search products for client protection. I’d encourage all property professionals in the surrounding Grantham area to attend our free event, gain professional training and contribute to their annual CPD training and development records – an integral part of any professional’s role.”

Kate Faulkner has established herself as one of the UK’s leading property experts. Specialising in advising the property industry, Kate spends much of her time understanding and analysing the UK housing market and is a regular on national TV channels such as BBC, ITV and ITN.

Kate Faulkner, adds: “We have heard over recent years about the market crashing due to the credit crunch followed by media stories of rapidly rising property prices making getting on the property ladder very difficult for people. This commentary is very much led by statistics seen in London and the South. In reality, the East Midlands and especially around Lincolnshire, property remains very good value for money. In view of localised differences, it is essential industry professionals know and can communicate the reality of what’s happening locally versus often misleading national property headlines to their consumers”

With the EU 4th Anti-Money Laundering Directive in full swing Jonny Davey, Product Manager at Geodesys, will host an informative seminar for conveyancers on all they need to know to ensure themselves and their businesses are compliant.

Jonny’s seat on the Board of the Drainage and Water Searches Network puts him in good stead to deliver his second presentation of the morning. He will discuss how CON29DW can affect future development and highlight drainage and water issues currently affecting the homeowner.

To attend the event or find out more about Geodesys visit: or contact Kay Toon on 07764 987 259.

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