How To Make The Most Of A Conveyancing Lead Generation Service

Using a lead generation service for your conveyancing business is a great way to stay busy with more work, especially during those quiet periods. Compare My Move proudly provide UK conveyancers with high-quality, real-time conveyancing leads from customers who need a conveyancer right now.

It’s important that you make the most out of a lead generation service to ensure you grow your conveyancing business to its full potential. This article will talk you through the 5 steps of how to make sure you turn each lead into a profit.

1. Follow up the lead efficiently

To ensure you’re in with the best chance of winning the conveyancing lead, you should contact the customer both by phone and email within the first 24 hours of receiving the lead. As the customer is looking for a conveyancer right away, the quicker you provide a quote for the job, the more chance you have of winning that lead.

We have seen many cases of conveyancers following up days after the lead, resulting in a lost job. The more efficiently you contact the customer, given that it’s within working hours, the greater trust the customer will have in you. If you call at an inappropriate time of day, the customer will likely just ignore the call, thinking that you’re not serious or professional.

2.Use the company’s dashboard

To make sure you make the most out of the leads generated, you should stay organised by using a dashboard or CRM to track and monitor your leads as and when they come in. Compare My Move’s lead generation service comes with a partner dashboard that allows you to stay on top of your work, with the option to top up your conveyancing leads at any time.

By using the dashboard to keep track of your leads and jobs, you will begin to grow your conveyancing business. The dashboard will store your leads which feature the customers’ detailed contact details. You will always know your working week and who you still need to reach out to.

3.Take advantage of free marketing

Lead generation services will provide a free marketing service that will help your company grow. At Compare My Move, we have a talented digital marketing team who work towards promoting your conveyancing business. We use the latest SEO techniques to put your business in front of customers looking for a conveyancer in your area.

As a partner with Compare My Move, you will have a unique partner page created that you can share with your customers to earn their trust. The page will feature your company name, logo, contact details and services you offer. Sharing your partner page is a great way to introduce yourself to the customer and help them learn about you and what you can offer, as well as giving you a better chance of winning that lead.

4.Trust their customer reach

A reputable lead generation service should have high traffic from real customers visiting their website to ensure your business is being noticed. Compare My Move also provide a comparison service for UK home movers looking for conveyancers in their area right away.

This allows us to use expert tactics to target movers in your local area, meaning you’ll get high-quality and genuine conveyancing leads. We are always working hard to generate real customer conveyancing leads that help you win more work by creating content to target home movers.

5.Build up reputable reviews

Our conveyancing lead generation partnership will allow you to build up 5-star reviews from your customers. Your reviews will be displayed on your unique partner page that you can share with potential customers to give them peace of mind. The more leads you win, the more you will build a professional reputation from your reviews.

Trustpilot data revealed that 77% of UK shoppers will look at a company’s online reviews before using their service. Make sure you make the most of Compare My Move’s review feature by sharing your partner page at all costs.

This article was submitted to be published by Compare My Move as part of their advertising agreement with Today’s Conveyancer. The views expressed in this article are those of the submitter and not those of Today’s Conveyancer. 

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