Conveyancing Firm Increases Quote Conversion Rate By 45%  

Conveyancers across the UK can see their quote conversion rates soar by using an innovative video training tool. In fact, Talbots Law Solicitors in the West Midlands increased its residential conveyancing conversion rate by a whopping 45% by using the techniques taught in ‘Converting Enquiries For Residential Conveyancing’.

A smarter approach to call conversions  

Having helped around 900 legal firms to generate new business, it became clear to me that firms were underestimating the value of the calls they received. For example, if one office gets an average of just three quote calls a day, collectively they are potentially worth around £1 million of new business in a year. So, an extra 10% success in conversion rates could give the average firm an additional £100,000 every year; without any further marketing spend. 

There is widespread ignorance within over 64% of firms, regarding the number of residential conveyancing quotes calls coming into each office, the potential financial value of these calls and the individual personal conversion rates of the people who handle them. 

Realising that firms desperately needed help in this area, together with Howard Cooper – a former director of training and customer service for a prominent legal brand, with a phenomenal reputation for delivering engaging and pragmatic conversion rate training courses – we created ‘Converting Enquiries For Residential Conveyancing’.

How it works  

The system provides a series of practical, engaging training videos, delivered in easily digestible bite-sized chunks.  Helping conveyancers learn the techniques needed to improve their conversion rate success, it is accessible on any device. Made affordable through a subscription-based model, new material is available each month.  

With over 300 minutes of interactive video tuition, and almost 250 proven strategies for converting enquiries one subscription grants access for up to 30 users.  

What you’ll learn 

As well as looking at the areas of quote call handling that most need to be improved and developed, and the techniques required to transform conversion rate success, the system examines the deeper issues that are holding conveyancers back.  

For example, how firms regard residential conveyancing quotes as a purely low-level administrative task, and why there is a failure by firms to differentiate themselves from their competitors at this crucial stage in client decision-making process.  

“If your firm is more expensive than a competitor, why should the caller choose you? Whether you can answer this or not is irrelevant… if call handlers don’t communicate this message, then it is hardly surprising that a potential client might choose a cheaper option!” 

Effectively dealing with residential conveyancing telephone quotes takes much more than merely giving a price. It is about influencing a caller to want to use your firm. With 90% of firms signed up to the scheme witnessing at least a 10% – 20% increase in conversion rates during the first few months alone, I’m confident that Converting Enquiries For Residential Conveyancing can help you win more business.  

Professor Ian Cooper (co-creator of the ‘Converting Enquiries For Residential Conveyancing’ video training system)

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