Conveyancing Data Services Director reacts to Brexit

CDS Sales & Marketing Director, Matthew Joy predicts the Brexit decision may be best in the long run.

So, I don’t mind admitting that my vote was always to remain in the EU. While I could sympathise with some of some arguments to leave, I am firmly in the camp of if it isn’t broken then don’t try to fix it.

It is true to say that I have had many a heated debate at work and at home about whether the country is in fact ‘broken’. But all I have to do is look around me and I am reassured that we are not, in fact, a broken country at all.

True enough there are broken sections of our society but can we really blame the EU for that? There have always been broken sections to our society: pre/post-war, pre/post-Thatcher, pre/post-HIPs, pre/post-recession, pre-EU and indeed, no doubt, post EU. Furthermore, I don’t imagine there is any country, in or out of the EU, that could boast they have a nirvana-like society where no one complains or grumbles about what they have or haven’t got…even if they had it they wouldn’t boast about I guess, otherwise we would all be queuing at their borders to get in!!

Anyway, my initial state of shock and stress induced pacing of the streets has since gone away. My worry about the impending recession has subsided (not entirely I have to say, but subsided none the less) as I began to read stories of the other EU states coming out in support of the UK’s decision. Not small states either, the likes of Italy, France, Holland and Denmark. Not to mention the USA, Canada, China and other big economies openly requesting trade deals with us ASAP and stating they want to remain trade partners with us regardless of our EU status. I wish they had said that pre-referendum, I would have had a few less grey hairs on my head (errr yeah right!!).

So what will happen post-EU? I would imagine, nothing much from an economy perspective. We are the world’s fifth largest economy, a world leader in financial technology, foreign exchange and professional services. We will survive, we always do and we always will, that’s what makes us British.

But that doesn’t stop me from feeling sad about a lost opportunity to remain in the EU, reaping the benefits of our membership (we did have a special and privileged membership compared to most) and fixing what was wrong from within.

What we need to do now, given that the entire world is watching our every move (with a good deal of them wishing we fail, no doubt!), is start to take some positive steps. We must make positive decisions and, like a phoenix from the flames of this awful decision, rise once again and prove to everyone (including me) that it just might have been the best for the UK in the long run.

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