Conveyancers Offered Free SDLT Support

  • Property market shows healthy bounce-back as lockdown measures are slowly eased
  • Purchase mortgage enquiries at 40% of pre-Covid-19 levels as of mid-May
  • Leading provider of conveyancing searches for residential and commercial properties is offering free SDLT service to support as the market improves

After months with a paused property market, things appear to be bouncing back at a considerable rate since the UK Government provided the go-ahead to reopen this month. Interest in residential purchase mortgages in mid-May has risen by 93.16% in the four weeks from April. As per 15th May, according to Twenty7Tecs’ data, new mortgage enquiries are 40% of pre-Covid-19 levels.

Lenders have suggested caution and research to buyers – residential and commercial alike – as the property market is likely to heavily fluctuate. This does not appear to have halted purchasers however, and subsequently, the conveyancer market should now start to see a growing upwards trend in business enquiries.

Leading national provider of conveyancing search reports for residential and commercial properties, Geodesys, part of the Anglian Water Group, are celebrating this property market interest with their conveyancer clients by offering their simple and efficient Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) service FREE OF CHARGE until the end of June 2020. The online SDLT user-friendly solution gives the conveyancer peace of mind that they are complying with the Law Society’s Core Practice Management Standards and delivering the best possible service to clients.

The Geodesys post-completion solution offers the following benefits:

  • Meets the Law Society CQS requirement for an audit trail and third-party review process
  • Information is validated before submission to HMRC. This allows you to correct any human errors which would result in rejection.
  • Instant SDLT5 certification – no long turnaround times
  • SDLT data is recycled to auto-populate the AP1 form
  • Has a comprehensive GDPR toolkit allowing you to search, edit, export and mark to delete your client’s personal data
  • Drafts can be saved at any time – no need to complete in one go
  • No training is required, and the submission can be made directly and securely from the Geodesys platform.

Johnny Davey, Conveyancing Product Manager from Geodesys commented on the announcement:

“We are delighted to hear from both inside and outside of our organisation that the property market is seeing considerable growth. Especially following a substantial pause as the pandemic took hold. It has been encouraging, thanks to our technology-based service, that we as an organisation have been able to continue with business as usual. Our services have been available throughout the pandemic and our full customer services team has been in place to support clients.

“Now that the market is showing signs of a positive bounce-back, we are delighted to offer a little something back to our dedicated customers by offering our efficient SDLT service free of charge from now and right to the end of June 2020.”

The SDLT service is just another tool provided by Geodesys to assist with the post completion tasks.

To find out more about the SDLT service, visit and click on the FREE SDLT link on the home page.

Alternatively speak to an Account Manager on the customer services team on 0800 085 8050.

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