Consumer concerns over data security grows

Recent research has found that almost three quarters (72%) of consumers are more aware of data breaches than five years ago.

According to the survey commissioned by computer and network security company RSA, the general public are much more alert to the risk of cybercrime, with 90% of respondents expressing concern about their private information being stolen, lost or manipulated.

At 74%, the most significant worry regarding data security was monetary theft – something which the legal sector is unfortunately all too familiar with.

Whilst the statistics in this global study are not exclusive to law firms, they do reflect an emerging trend among all consumers: the importance of trust.

During recent years, the importance of being able to trust a business has grown significantly, something which can largely be put down to the increased utilisation of technology.

Whilst digitisation has, of course, transformed the way firms do business, it has also increased exposure to risk; naturally, consumers want reassurance that their data is in safe hands. Even the slightest suspicion otherwise could result in damaging consequences for the firm, for example, over three-quarters of respondents (78%) stated that a company’s reputation relating to its handling of consumer data made an impact on their buying decisions.

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Stated in the SRA’s Risk Outlook, it’s vital that firms ‘confirm the identity of other firms that they deal with,’ and take prevention strategies taken seriously.  This is even more important when the risk of fraud is at an all-time high.

As well helping to create a proactive approach towards risk prevention, the use of a service such as Lawyer Checker ensures that transactions are protected at a consistently high level.

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