Introducing Compare My Move’s Account Manager Stuart Burns

Compare My Move, a lead generation service and comparison site for conveyancing, surveying and house removals, have been working with conveyancing partners since 2018.

The company has seen exponential growth in its conveyancing sector in recent months, having had a record month in February, with an 80% increase in conveyancing partners, and the hire of our Sales Manager Connor Bartlett in January.

Compare My Move would not be the company it is today without the work of the people behind the scenes. Included in our conveyancing lead generation service, is your very own dedicated account manager, Stuart Burns

Partner Point of Contact

Having started with the company nearly five years ago as our first Sales Executive, Stuart is now part of a growing team. In the past two years, Stuart has moved into the role of managing Compare My Move’s partner accounts.

As Account Manager, Stuart is the point of contact for both our conveyancing partners and the public, on hand to answer any questions and review queries from both our partners and customers.

From processing payments and issuing purchased credits to accounts, to managing the claim back process, Stuart takes on management of partners once the sales team have brought a new partner on board.

Stuart can help ensure partners are receiving the correct type of leads to maximise their new business, and with access to every aspect of the accounts, he can advise on settings, how to best follow up leads and discuss any concerns.

Growth and Expansion

“Starting with Compare My Move in 2015 as the only Sales Executive, I have seen the company grow and expand greatly over the years”, said Stuart.

“I am now best placed, as Account Manager, to help all partners benefit as much as possible from being a verified member of our trusted service.”

One of Stuart’s key roles is helping each partner make the most out of their leads and account settings, highlighting options that could improve on any issues and ensuring all partners are supported at every stage of their partnership with us.

He is also responsible for checking and publishing customer feedback of our partners, in addition to the partner responses, advising those on their approach to responding to any feedback.

“With our additional services, such as each unique partner page, customer reviews and the partner dashboard, we’re keen to be seen as an additional member of our partners’ teams – and work alongside them to help grow their business” added Stuart.

“It’s always a pleasure to be a key component in helping so many partners, and being responsible for assisting the public with their property purchases and home moves.”

For more information on Compare My Move, call 02920660143 or email Connor Bartlett: [email protected]


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