'Coastal Erosion' by FCI's Philip Wilbourn on BBC's Week In Week Out

BBC Wales – Week In Week Out — Seaside Retreat

10.35pm Tuesday 28th October 2014

With rising sea levels and climate change, coastal erosion poses a real threat to the value and life of homeowners’ properties along the UK’s coastline.

This week’s Week in Week Out programme looked at how property values are affected by the threat of thousands of properties being lost to sea.

Speaking on the programme, Future Climate Info’s Philip Wilbourn, a Chartered Environmental Surveyor with over 30 years’ experience in the environmental field, discusses how these homeowners are “blighted” by not knowing how long their houses may stand for and at what value.

Watch and listen to Philip discuss the topic in detail starting at 12.15 minutes…​

For full details on how Future Climate Info’s Flood reports can inform you of any potential coastal corrosion issues please contact [email protected].

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