CLS Monthly News Round-Up – May Edition

Residential Conveyancing News

Chancel Repair Liability – 12,000 New properties registered 

(Published by The Independent)

Rural communities in uproar as 250 Parochial Church Councils (PCC) register Chancel Repair Liability against 12,000 properties across the UK. The PCC are not removing the liability permanently but are given temporary permission not to pursue it, therefore the liability still remains…  

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Manorial Rights – 80 households registered

(Published by the Advertiser and Review)

A college registers its interest in its Manorial Rights affecting 80 households, which gives them the right to mine, hunt or fish on the homeowners land in perpetuity…
Please click here to see the Land Registry’s position on Overriding Interests.
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Commercial Conveyancing News

Rights of Light – will they stop developing?

(Published by the Lawyer)

An analysis of the risk, the attitudes to the law and a review of current Rights to Light cases… 

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