CLC seeks views on proposed changes to Regulatory Arrangements

If you want to have your views taken into account on the proposed changes to our rules, you need to respond by Friday.

We are seeking views on the proposed changes to our Regulatory Arrangements to implement the Competition and Markets Authority’s (CMA) recommendations set out in its Legal Services Market Study regarding price and service transparency.

The changes will aid consumers by providing cost, service and regulatory information at an earlier stage to help them make their choice of lawyer. The changes aim to provide better transparency for consumers and foster innovation and competition in the legal services market whilst having minimal impact on the regulatory burden on the profession.

Whilst promoting appropriate levels of consumer protection, our aim in reviewing the Regulatory Arrangements is to:

1. Ensure minimal impact on the regulatory burden.

2. Provide greater flexibility for CLC Lawyers and Practices to participate in a diverse legal market, increasing access for the public and quality of legal services.

3. Provide greater clarity for CLC Lawyers and Practices so that the CLC’s expectations are clear. Please take some time to respond to this important consultation.

The full consultation and details on how to respond can be found here.

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