CLC publishes Transparency Rules Guidance before 6th December Deadline

The CLC has published guidance on how the firms it regulates can comply with the new Transparency Rules coming into force on 6th December.

Details have been added within a new “Informed Choice” section of the CLC’s website, providing information on guidance on the new rules. The CLC has published a conveyancing cost estimate template to assist firms with providing transparent fee estimates.

In a CLC press release, CLC chief executive Sheila Kumar is upbeat about what the new regulations mean for firms:

“…those we regulate need to start working now to help potential clients make a better informed choice of lawyer…I hope those we regulate will see these new rules as an opportunity to really differentiate themselves in what is a highly competitive market and so better appeal to clients on grounds other than just price.”

The new rules are an opportunity for firms to win more clients directly through their own websites. The CLC guidance notes that:

“CLC Practices are able to decide the best way to display cost information. You could provide … an instant estimate generator on your website or via a third party website.“

The QuoteXpress fee estimate tool can help your firm meet the new Transparency Rules, providing instant fee estimates for sale, purchase, probate and Wills with a simple quote tool you can add to your website, as well as use internally.

To find out more about how QuoteXpress can help your firm meet the new transparency regulations for all areas of law covered by the CLC’s new rules read our transparency guide at:


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