Christian Lister has been appointed as the Director of International Affairs for The Genesis Initiative.

Alan Cleverly OBE, Chief Executive Officer of The Genesis Initiative said: “Christian has worked tirelessly since his appointment to the Board of Directors both here in the UK and in Europe maintaining our presence and pressure upon the policy makers on behalf of the SME community, his elevation to Director of International Affairs reflects his commitment and hard work.”
Alan continued “Genesis has this year provided lobbying support for our 1 million representatives in the UK and Europe, a position we will continue to build upon. Our International presence will assist global policy makers, leading academic thinkers and trade relationships for the benefit of all small and medium businesses.”
Christian Lister, Operations Director of Cheshire-based X-Press Legal Services Ltd., the highly regarded specialist provider of support to professionals concerned in the sale of all kinds of residential and commercial property is delighted by the new position and said: “Genesis has created a solid platform for SME’s in the UK to raise policy and legislative concerns knowing we would act and be successful. I am delighted to extend our influence internationally for the good of all small businesses.”
Christian is a Genesis Senate Representative at the Bank of England and a member of the HRH Prince Michael of Kent Genesis Patrons Senate.
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