Changes to Local Authority Searches from the 4th July bring about a new modern look for the PSG Regulated Search

On Monday 4th July, the Law Society will release their revised CON 29 and CON 29O forms. The revisions aim to bring improvements to the quality and consistency of local authority held data, which in turn should assist in the standardisation and interpretation of council searches.

Most questions on the CON 29 have been amended and updated in line with legislation, but the new form also includes some additional enquiries that conveyancers should be aware of. These include:

  • Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL)
  • Assets of Community Value
  • SuDS (Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems)

In addition to this the previously optional enquiry Public Paths and Byways has now been included in the CON 29 as a standard enquiry.

The PSG Regulated Local Search has also been updated to reflect the changes in the standard CON 29 enquiries and we have taken the opportunity to modernise the look and feel of how we present the data to you.

Our new search features a fresh approach to how we set out each question and also features a quick glance summary of answers on the front page.

Contact your local office for more details or to request a sample of our new look Regulated Search.

Find your local PSG at or get in touch with the national customer services team on 01226 246644 or email <[email protected]

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