Central Law Training Can Help Maximise The Profitability Of Your Entire Team

With tightening budgets and an ever increasing focus on profit all team members from the most junior to the most senior, must contribute to the ongoing success of your firm.

Our two new highly interactive and engaging e-learning courses will provide you with a real competitive advantage through training your staff in a cost-effective way, thereby maximising their effectiveness and your profitablilty. Designed specifically for anybody working in conveyancing the easy to use modules will help train your staff in a flexible and efficient way.

Cybercriminals are attracted to targeting law firms for the large amounts of money which change hands in conveyancing transactions. The Solicitors Regulation Authority reported in 2017 that around half of all law firm cybercrime involved conveyancing. If your firm does not already have a cybercrime training programme in place, act now so you don’t become a victim – we have a quick, easy solution.

Cybercrime in Conveyancing will raise awareness throughout your firm of key cybercrime threats, including email modification fraud. This concise 30 minute course outlines practical steps that lawyers and staff can take to stay safe and secure online and includes the latest guidance from the Law Society and the SRA.

Cybercrime aside, conveyancing is still a high-risk area of practice with many pitfalls for the unwary or inexperienced. Not following correct processes to establish source of funds could lead to regulatory action against the firm, while poor advice on co-ownership and surveys could leave the firm open to a negligence claim. If all staff understand the entire residential conveyancing transaction and the risk areas encountered, issues are far less likely to fall between the gaps.

Upskilling your team members, including trainee solicitors, paralegals, legal secretaries and legal executives enables them to add value and increase your firm’s productivity.

Our new interactive Introduction to Residential Conveyancing e-learning course follows a fictional couple and their solicitor through a property sale and purchase. By the end of the course your staff will have a full understanding of the conveyancing process from start to finish, as well as an understanding of key risks and hot to mitigate and address them.

Our e-learning courses are extremely practical, and offer flexible cost-effective training any time, any place, and at any pace. They include interactive activities, animations and short quizzes to check learners recall and understanding.

For further information on how these inspirational e-learning courses can transform training in your firm please contact Wendy Harbottle on 07970 546524 or email her at [email protected]

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