What can you learn about how your staff deal with new enquiries?

When it comes to maximising business success, it’s important to make the most of every opportunity.

After all, as you can never be certain as to the extent of a call, you never know the extent of the benefits it could bring. With this logic in mind, you would assume conveyancing firms would endeavour to capitalise on every incoming opportunity.

However, this simply isn’t the case.

Firms are losing business on a daily basis, simply because of the way they’re answering, or not answering calls. As a result, they’re missing out on an estimated £1 million worth of new business per year, the equivalent value of around 3 quote request calls each day.

Independent research from The Move Exchange revealed that just a fraction of firms actually provided a quote over the phone, with many neglecting to take the time to engage with potential clients.

A further study from Professor’s Ian and Howard Cooper found that just 3% of firms actually ask for the work when providing a potential client with a quote. This means that even where a quote has been provided, the potential benefit for the firm has ultimately been lost.

Having recently concluded a consultation on the issue, improving the home moving process for consumers has been top of the regulatory and Government agenda. Therefore, when dealing with potential clients, it’s vital that firms get their approach right from the outset.

Before firms can establish how to improve, they first need to get to the root of the problem and discover where the real issues lie. As internal reviews can present problems in both delay and objectiveness, the best way to obtain an accurate reflection of your firm’s performance is through mystery shopping.

Delivering a detailed account of how your firm deals with new enquiries, the Mystery Shopping Service from The Move Exchange provides you with valuable feedback on your current call handling, as well as advice on how to improve.

As part of our professional Mystery Shopping Service, we:

  • Call at 4 different times throughout the day to reflect a time where you may be busy
  • Give your team 4 different scenarios which they must respond to
  • Provide a comparison of your firm against others in the market, looking at both service and price
  • Provide you with a detailed report identifying what happened on each call, a score for each section, as well as feedback on how to improve lead management

Following the report from the Competition and Markets Authority and subsequent SRA proposals, requirements to improve price transparency are bound to build competition in the market. As a result, it’s important to get ahead of the game and ensure that your firm is dealing with new enquiries in the most effective way.

To discover how The Move Exchange can help to improve your firm’s lead management, contact Jennifer Davies at [email protected] or call 0330 223 2913.

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