Buying Land for Development

Land banks, like real banks, are experiencing something of a hiatus. Some developers are ‘unloading’ their development land; others are looking to pick up bargains. Some landowners have to realise their land assets despite the downturn. A rising market can hide mistakes; the current market won’t. The need to get things right, first time, has never been greater.

This seminar will cover:

What You Will Learn:
Covenants on the Title and Unknown Covenants
o Are they enforceable? Who, if anyone, has the benefit?
o Insurance
Rights benefiting and burdening the site
o Rights which benefit – can they be utilised? Are they sufficient for your client’s needs
o Rights which burden – will they prevent or hamper the development? Can you relocate them or terminate them?
o Prescriptive rights and rights of light
Additional rights required – during construction?
Access and Highways
o Using existing accesses and/or creating new accesses
o Third party land and visibility splays
This seminar will look at all the problems you are likely to face on a practical basis and will include practical drafting tips for the necessary documentation.
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