Is your business prepared for a cyber attack?

Cybercrime in the legal sector is not a secret.

Cases of targeted firms are commonly hitting the headlines and with fraudsters becoming more aware of what they’re up against, the risk of being affected is growing. Whether you’re part of a small practice or a national firm, reports of client data being stolen indicate that no corner of the legal services’ sector is safe.

So why is this still happening?

With so much publicity and media attention surrounding cybercrime, you might expect the number of attacks to decrease. For example, the SRA’s recent Risk Outlook drew attention to the need for firms to enhance their cybersecurity in order to protect client funds.

However, whilst firms may have taken steps to improve their prevention policy, there are often gaps in their existing strategy, with an absence of consistency across a firm. Though staff will be alert to the risk of cybercrime, there is often no central guidance for them to refer to. This can lead to a lack of certainty and in turn, a delay in steps being taken in the event of a firm being targeted.

How can firms improve their internal policy?

An Information Management Pack enables your firm to record the serious issues relating to cybercrime management in their security and ICT plan.

Brought to you by Legal Eye, our Information Management Pack contains a set of manageable documentation which will support your existing policies and provide a central point of reference for all staff.

Where your firm is concerned, staff are the first line of defence in preventing a cybercrime attack and must, therefore, be trained appropriately and be clear as to the necessary procedures.

The information provided within the Legal Eye Information Management Pack enables you to present your strategy clearly and confidently to staff, ensuring that procedures are consistent and prevention steps are in place.

Three key items are contained within the pack:

  • Cybercrime Security Policy
  • Information Management & Security Policy
  • ICT Plan

If you’d like more information on how our Information Management Pack could benefit your firm, please click here.

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