Big Property Data – Your go to provider of the automated search

From Official Local Authority Searches to Environmental Reports, ordering searches related to property can be complex.

Time tends to be in short supply for conveyancers, so anything that holds up the process is unfavourable, particularly when you have a demanding client on the phone.

Having recognised the stresses that property professionals are often faced with, here at Big Property Data we aim to streamline the property search ordering process for conveyancers and property professionals.

We’ve developed an innovative platform where we host over 150 industry-leading environmental, geological, flooding and energy datasets, providing detailed results within every report we offer.

What makes us different?

Regardless of the search you’re looking for, Big Property Data’s report will be generated completely automatically.

Typically, Search Providers will manually obtain their searches from a number of different companies.

After gathering the searches, they will then be manually aggregated to be pushed to their customers.

Here at Big Property Data, we’ve invested heavily in the most up-to-date cloud technology, electronically integrating with our partners or hosting their data within our own servers, enabling us to search hundreds of millions of potential risks within a matter of milliseconds. These Law Society compliant reports are fulfilled automatically without any sort of manual intervention, ultimately reducing turnaround times and costs.

With our autonomous approach, we have built the foundations to innovate at a rapid pace within the market and will follow with several exciting announcements during 2018.

To discover how you could benefit from our automated searches, please click here.

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