A Better Future for the Conveyancing Industry

Lloyd Davies, Managing Director of The Conveyancing Academy and Operations Director of The Conveyancing Association:

The legal profession will have learnt a lot in 2020.  We will all look back one day soon and reflect on how the pandemic has changed our lives, the way that we work and how we look after and look out for each other.

Working from home has become our normal and we have had to learn temperance in terms of how much time we spend in front of the work screen.  “We can work from home and live in work” if we are not careful.

It has been great to work from home and to have such wonderful flexibility.  We may get up early and do two hours work before 9am – with no commute, we can take the kids to school and pick up the click and collect before settling down to few hours work  before lunch.  Meals have become more regular and perhaps more nutritional, with time taken for conversation with your partner at home as opposed to at your desk!  The two hour a day – 10 hour a week – commute has been substituted for a little extra time at work and a load of flexi time for gym, yoga, family time or just time out?

Our clients tell us if they are happy and we know our parameters if we are experienced and good at what we do.  I think that COVID has taught us a lot about self-discipline and how to work effectively away from the office.

I think this time has also taught us the value of interaction with others and how important it is to our daily lives.  Teamwork has moved onto a different level, with everyone looking out for each other and not just looking for management for the answers – are you ok, how’s the family, how can I help, how can we help each other, what’s the answer?

New training platforms were introduced during the initial lockdown and individuals have had the time to reflect on how to train at home and online.  Government funding is now available for all conveyancer qualification courses and all good legal practices are looking to train their staff to grow their businesses.

I think that the government will extend the SDLT holiday past the 31st March 2021, not to do so would be folly.  We need a solid and thriving housing market in 2021 and 2022 to take the economy forward after this terrible pandemic and a no deal Brexit.

I think that we are in for a solid and exciting few years.  With a vaccine for the pandemic kicking in come springtime, the sunshine always bringing new punters to the market in March and April.  We will continue to see an increase in instruction volumes as people and families relocate, with a migration from the cities to rural and coastal areas, as broadband and the ability to work from home has shaped our future for generations to come.

It has been great to see the fundamental changes that we have had to put in place to survive during the pandemic.  Our working practices have been accelerated outside of the world of paper forever.  Once we catch up with the backlog of work, we will be even more dynamic and change will come rapidly in our industry as we embrace the new digital future of conveyancing.  Bring it on!!

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