The Benefits Of Search Agents With Local Offices

Conveyancing is a complex business, with plenty of issues which require delicate handling and expert knowledge. The best way to provide your clients with a great experience is to use a search agent with a number of local offices, rather than a provider who is solely digital.

At Index, we think customer service comes first. That’s why we’re proud to have over 20 local offices throughout England and Wales, filled with trained staff who are ready to get to know you and your clients. The majority of search providers in the UK are digital companies with additional call centres – but we’re different. At Index Property Information, we know that not all clients want to complete their orders online, which is why we offer a completely bespoke service for each individual case.

Local Offices Mean Local Experts

The staff in our local offices have extensive knowledge of the local area. This means they’re clued up on everything from road names and local buildings, to more complex matters such as environmental factors, local markets and local authorities.

A search provider with one national office may be able to research a query for you, but they won’t have the resources to provide the same details that a local office would. Our local teams can give you an unparalleled service that centralised providers simply can’t compete with.

Our Team is Your Team

At Index, we think client needs are best identified and met locally, not centrally. We like to meet our customers, to get to know them and work out how best to understand their needs – but we also realise that the conveyancing process is liable to throw up unexpected changes.

Our local offices mean that you can build a great, ongoing relationship with our expert staff. The fact that we have dedicated local teams mean we can integrate smoothly into your firm, providing a seamless transaction for your clients.

Another benefit of local offices is that all staff are hand-picked and share the great Index Property Information values and ethos. Together, we recognise that taking care of our customers is our top priority, which means we can provide you with the best possible service.

Exemplary Customer Service

At Index, we like to get to know our customers personally, rather than leaving them as a number on call-waiting. We think this makes for a much happier and more productive working relationship.

Our local offices give us the opportunity to provide a tailored, completely bespoke service for anyone who might need it. When it comes to customer service, one size definitely does not fit all. You simply cannot offer a detailed, personalised service from a centralised, automated system. We recognise that, put you in the driving seat and tailor a solution to fit around your needs.

Our local offices mean there is always a real person at the end of the telephone to answer any queries or respond to an emergency – you won’t find any automated responses at Index. We pride ourselves on exemplary communication – something that a centralised search agent simply doesn’t have time to provide.


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