Andrew Lloyd, Managing Director of Search Acumen, comments on his Directorship of the UK Proptech Association

“As a founding member of the UK Proptech Association, I am excited to be taking a seat on the organisation’s Board of Directors alongside other digital pioneers in the sector and getting down to work to support our burgeoning sector. The time is now for the property industry to coalesce around a trade body that is focused on how technology will play a pivotal role in how properties are transacted across both residential and commercial markets.

“It is undeniable that proptech is moving from buzzword to a widespread movement for change. As such, it is important that the growth and development of proptech firms is supported by a dedicated body that can champion the practical benefits to conveyancers, commercial property lawyers, estate agents, developers, financial professionals, planners, homebuyers and investors.

“Today, the property industry is facing huge challenges and it is essential that we work together innovatively to tackle chronic inefficiencies driven by outdated processes. Search Acumen has been committed to this vision from day one and we’re delighted to be at the forefront of an industry-wide movement. By harnessing cutting edge developments and emerging technologies, we can revolutionise the industry through collaboration, ensuring its success in the decades ahead.”

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