170,000 Bristol properties at risk of subsidence

New research by Groundsure alerts homeowners of the potential hazards associated with abandoned mine shafts in Bristol city centre.

The latest case study has identified over 170,000 properties in Bristol that are potentially at risk of ground movement. There are currently 82 reported ground collapses in the region, and with 243 mines, pits and quarries recorded in the area, this number is predicted to increase.

The Redcliffe Caves in Bristol are prime examples of underground quarrying and have historically slipped under the radar of those investigating potential risk from historic mining activity. The caves were dug by hand and were used to mine red sandstone, and now lie beneath a densely populated residential and commercial property area to the west of St Mary Redcliffe Church. The tunnels and mines are complex, and historic data provides little to no insight of their existence.

Ground collapses have previously been rare, yet each year disused mines, such as the Redcliffe Caves, cause more sinkholes and surface collapses nationwide. As such, insurers no longer cover the costs caused by them unless they directly affect the house, and homeowners could be faced with charges in excess of £10,000 to fill in a sinkhole that has engulfed their garden.

When buying a home in Bristol, it is crucial to assess the historic mining activity and have a comprehensive understanding of mineral extraction in the area. Groundsure is committed to not only spotting hazards but finding feasible solutions for the home buyer.

Groundsure’s unique mining records archive collates 110 million data points to produce comprehensive reports on all major non-coal mining types. These are included in Groundsure’s market-leading Avista report.

Tom Harvey-James, Mining Consultant at Groundsure said:

“The caves in Redcliffe are not a naturally occurring feature, but prime examples of underground quarrying. Due to the complex tunnelling of the area, the structure is fragile and vulnerable to ground collapses.

“Sandstone mining risk affects many Bristol homes and conveyancers must be alert to this for their clients.” he said.

To find out more, visit https://www.groundsure.com/avista

To download the full case study, visit: https://www.groundsure.com/resources/redcliffe-sandstones-caves-a-bristol-case-study/


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