15% of solicitors and conveyancers do not recommend flood searches

In 2015 we experienced the ‘worst’ summer in three years, with extreme levels of rainfall having an unexpected effect on residential areas in England and Wales.

A recent survey from Searches UK uncovered that 15% of solicitors and conveyancers, based in England and Wales, currently do not recommend a Flood Report to their clients. These incredibly valuable reports reveal the possible effects flooding can have on their client’s property and are an affordable and easy way to detect any threats relating to flooding.

Searches UK work alongside Landmark, Groundsure and Future Climate Info to deliver accurate, data driven Flood Reports – some of the key features of these report, from Searches UK, include:

  • Areas benefiting from flood defences and details;
  • Surface water (pluvial) flood-risk data from JBA Consulting;
  • Likely availability of insurance for flood risk properties;
  • British Geological Survey (BGS) susceptibility to Groundwater Flooding: Your client’s don’t need to be near a river or the sea to be flooded. This valuable data identifies where groundwater flooding could potentially occur;
  • Identifies all forms of flooding risk, not just river and tidal;
  • Consultant’s Professional Opinion; and
  • Next Steps Recommendations.

With an estimated 1 in 6 properties at risk of flooding in England and Wales, acquiring a Flood Report for your clients is essential to ensure you are diligently revealing all there is to know about the property in respect of flooding.

Andrew Stenning, Managing Director at Searches UK commented:

“Flood statistics have risen dramatically since 2012, meaning more Solicitors and Conveyancers have to consider the possibility of flooding to their client’s property. Even inland properties that have no ‘clear’ signs of danger could be at risk. Searches UK are able to offer a full range of Flood Reports from leading environmental specialists, so you can supply your clients with accurate data driven reports, raising their awareness of any potential or previous flood risks to the property, as well as ensuring you carry out that extra level of due diligence to protect your clients from any unexpected problems.”

To find out more about the products and services Searches UK offer, or for more information on their range of Flood Reports, visit the Searches UK website or call 0800 043 1815.

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