Land Registry to offer first registration application results online

From Monday (23rd October 2017), business customers will be able to receive first registration application results online.

According to the Government website, customers who use the HM Land Registry service will have access to the results of such applications via the portal, but only in certain circumstances.

These circumstances are when:

  • All the supporting documents lodged with an application were certified copies rather than originals
  • The title plan that Land Registry sends the customer when it completes their application can fit on an A3 (or smaller) piece of paper
  • The application was for adverse possession or lost deeds, and no original deeds or documents were lodged with the application

Land Registry will also send cautions against first registration applications to customers online from this date.

At present, when land is registered for the first time, Land Registry gives the plot of land a unique register title with a corresponding title number and a plan. This title register states who owns the land, and includes whether there are any conditions to this ownership. It also states whether there is any money lent against it (i.e. a mortgage). The title plan shows the indicative boundary of the land on a map. However, when an application for a first registration is made, Land Registry is currently only able to send the results through the post. Most other types of transactions are available via the portal.

However, following pressure from customers, Land Registry has confirmed that some first registration application results will now be available via the portal. Commenting on the development, the Land Registry statement said: “We continue to offer customers more online options and services based on user need as part of our digital transformation.”

When retrieving application results or documents online, customers will find them in the PDF downloads area of the portal. Business customers will also receive email alerts when their application results are available online.

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