You Did It! Congratulations!! 1st July 2021

So how was it yesterday?   

Think back over the last 24 hours; how many people did you help to move home?

Think back over the last few months; how many people did you help move in to their forever home?

In fact, think back over your career; how many people in total have you helped achieve their home moving ambitions?

Whether you are new to the job or been around the block a few times and can remember what it was like to do a personal completion, you have helped so many people achieve their dream.

Not only today but throughout your career as a conveyancer. It is a worthy cause and demands more respect. This morning, conveyancers across the country are exhausted  – but we’ve got up and started again.

House moving never stops. It ebbs and flows, sometimes in line with the seasons and sometimes, as now, in line with Government policy.

And if you have increased your fees during the last few months, not because you are greedy and taking advantage of a situation, but because of the rules of supply and demand, I urge you to keep your fees at that level.  No more a race to be the cheapest.

Be proud of what you do and what you have achieved and let’s work together to make conveyancing a great again. Not one where the public shop around for the cheapest when buying the most expensive thing they will ever buy. Feel that sense of pride in what you have achieved, not only today but over the past few months.

Conveyancing is rewarding – there is no better feeling than being able to tell someone they can collect the keys to their new home – let’s make it a profession to be proud of and let’s encourage people to join us. Make it more worthwhile financially and the quality and respect will grow.

You have all been amazing  – let’s shout about it


This is written by a real high street conveyancer who wishes to remain anonymous. 

On behalf of the team at Today’s Conveyancer we want to congratulate the conveyancing community for managing to get to today!

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    Thanks for putting this stuff up, it’s good to hear other people’s experiences.

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