How working for Countrywide Tax and Trust Corporation Ltd could be your next career move

Mastering the perfect work/life balance can seem almost impossible to achieve. Whilst the juggle of having a meaningful career and enjoying time spent with your children is always at the forefront of any working parent’s mind, the aspiration is never far from the headlines.  Only earlier this week the BBC were reporting on the fact that the take up of shared parental leave may be as low as 2%, resulting in the government launching a campaign to promote the benefits of shared parental leave.

The golden goose of flexible working is the goal for all modern workers; whatever your career path making your finances and desk time add up can sometimes seem like an uphill struggle.  Sounding familiar? If you are a star Conveyancer looking for your next move read on.

Countrywide Tax and Trust, a family run firm based in Kenilworth, prides itself on being a company that places work/life balance at the top of the agenda for all our employees. Keen to be ahead of the curve and always moving with the pace of modern life, all employees are provided with laptops and docking stations, offering complete flexibility for those times when working from home or elsewhere may be necessary.

Late starts and alternative working patterns can also be discussed to ensure that employees can cover the school run or even have a day off in the week. Part time working, and job sharing are also available options where the needs of the business are still met.

Whilst recent news stories have highlighted the prominence of the gender pay gap and workplace inequality, it’s yet to be seen how promptly this will be addressed on a practical level. It’s clear that society has come along way over recent decades, illustrated by the centenary of the Suffragettes last week, but it’s clear that there are still gaps in both pay and equality across all sectors of all industries.

Countrywide’s policy of offering flexible working to help employees juggle their busy lives, strives to eliminate these current hurdles and obstacles.

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