HMLR trial wider rejection criteria for first registrations

HM Land Registry has announced that they will soon be testing wider rejection criteria for first registrations.

From 14 August, the criteria for applications to create new freehold or leasehold titles will grow to cover the quoting of incorrect fees as well as points which HMLR believe that should be completed correctly in the first instance. These include:

  • Sending the correct form of first registration (FR1) to HMLR
  • Completing panels 3, 5 and 12 of form (FR1)

HMLR have also stated that upon rejection, they will provide reasons for this.

The widening of the rejection criteria was previously trialled on some applications between 20 and 31 of March this year.

According to HMLR, the results of the trial generally indicated that consumers were willing to adapt to the widened rejection criteria, but stressed that updating their processes would take time. In addition, they found that the policy could improve the speed of the process, a factor which HMLR identified as important to consumers.

In order to clarify which part of fees that users have problems with, HMLR have stated that they need further information about the rejection of first registration applications. The trial will undergo a review in November.

HMLR advise that rejections and requisitions can be avoided by following their advice.

Their checklist for completing a first registration form can be accessed here.

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