Which conveyancers did the most conveyancing in 2010?

According to Land Registry figures, Today’s Conveyancer can reveal that the top ten performers in 2010 don’t really hold any surprises at all.  Some of the not so well known brands, however, also seem to be holding their own, despite the current downturn in the housing market.  The powerhouse that is Myhomemove have topped the bill with a total of 9,673 applications.  See the table below for the top ten firms listed.

KHOLD_NAME                                         DFL DLG F/R T/P Grand Total

MY HOME MOVE LIMITED                           9 9080 286 298 9673



O’NEILL PATIENT SOLICITORS LLP             7 3462 117 171 3757


SHOOSMITHS                                              5 2853 74 373 3305

GRINDEYS LLP                                            1 2568 90 304 2963

BROWNS SOLICITORS                                    2466 169 2635

BEAUMONT LEGAL                                      2 2137 84 212 2435

LANGLEYS                                                  1 2130 101 195 2427

CONVEY LAW LIMITED                                2 2235 84 103 2424

There were a total of 721,089 applications across 8,795 firms in 2010, giving the top ten a 5.6% share.  Surely this is an impressive figure if you take into account the predictions for the latter half of 2010?  Where this is likely to rise to in 2011 is subject to speculation.

Of all the keyholder accounts listed over 800 of those in the bottom 1000 are only completing 1 application each, will they still be around next year?

Fridays Property Lawyers (in Administration) were just within the top 20 with 1,614 applications, Although with £89.00 fixed fee conveyancing it may be easy to see why they went into Administration in the first place.

One can only wonder how different the figures will look next year following the doom and gloom predictions for the housing market in 2011.  One thing is definite, Today’s Conveyancer will be around to bring you the latest figures.

If you would like a full copy of the 2010 data listing for all firms plus the data each month for the coming year you can purchase this for £36.00 plus VAT by contacting [email protected]

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