What is happening to senior staff in the search market?

In the last few weeks a number of senior and well known individuals have left search companies to pursue new ventures.
The latest of these is James Sherwood Rogers who has since October 2003 headed Landmark.  During that period Landmark has grown from just being the supplier of environmental searches that conveyancers know well but has also acquired Quest the valuation and surveyor management business.  Recently James has helped Landmark develop its anti mortgage fraud application Q-Guard and been heavily involved in the insurance markets concerns over withdrawal of Government support for the insurance of homes in areas that are likely to flood.
James’ linkedin profile summary states
“Currently on gardening leave, I am pursuing some new ventures”
However we were able to contact him by email over the weekend and he said ‘I have enjoyed my period at Landmark. I joined it for 18 months, and stayed for eight years, in which we saw HIPS come and go, the best and worst housing markets in history, and a global economic collapse. I am pleased that at all times we remained profitable, acquisitive and never lost sight of putting customers first.’
Mortgage Introducer report Stephen Stout, chief executive of Landmark Information Group, as saying “James has been a tremendous asset to the company and we wish him well in his future pursuits.”
Stout confirmed David Callcott, finance director of Landmark Information Group, will be acting managing director while the firm recruits a replacement for Sherwoood-Rogers.
Prior to this change Michael Tolland has left One Search Direct and David Kempster left Searchflow.
Many in the industry will miss the contributions made by all three of these people and we suspect given the market is so small we are likely to see each of them re-emerge in new roles within the sector.  We wish each of them all the best in the new ventures they are following.
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