PropTech Platform Could Streamline Completion Process

WeComplete’s SaaS platform claims it can streamline the completion process, by coordinating the work of estate agents and legal teams.

The PropTech platform is said to house unique software which includes:

  • new business generation
  • quoting
  • client onboarding
  • ant-money laundering checks
  • proof of funds
  • lender integration
  • property searchs
  • queries
  • certificates
  • forms
  • document filing
  • eSignature
  • payment collection
  • invoicing
  • communication between all parties

Daniel Bell, Director of WeComplete, said:

“Despite a number of attempts to modernise the process, property purchases are still frequently subject to lengthy delays. Extraordinarily, this is often caused by parties corresponding by snail mail or waiting for people to meet face-to-face.

“This is because the completion process is inherently complex, particularly when long chains are involved, which has made it extremely difficult to develop a solution that works for any transaction.”

The service is believed to be up and running in the autumn.

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