Website encourages Right to Buy claims

Tandem Law has set up offering a “specialised professional negligence department” to help consumers claim money they are owed by “unscrupulous” brokers.

The firm’s website states that as the right to buy scheme became popular in the 1990’s the system was abused by brokers selling consumers products they did not need.

This abuse is alleged to have included excessive fees for conveyancing and false quotes for home improvement loans in order to secure a larger mortgage than needed.

Borrowers would be burdened with these excessive repayments over 20-25 years.

The firm describes themselves as experts on professional negligence and providers of legal services, in several sectors, including PIP breast implant claims.

A quick online survey allows users to see if they are in a position to make a claim.

They claim to be able to help consumers claim between £5000 and £20000 and say they have helped 1000’s claim already.

A partner at a large conveyancing firm described the firm as "a bunch of opportunistic cowboys" saying that group actions they had undertaken had "no merit".

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