Water Companies publish Conveyancer Service Survey for CON29DW

97% of the 153 conveyancers asked in a recent survey said that the process of ordering a CON29DW met or exceeded their expectations.  

The Water Industry Property Information Network (WPIN) incorporates all the Water Companies of England and Wales and runs the survey twice a year to enable water companies to bench mark their performance against each other.
The difference between the highest scored Water Companies and the lowest was only 10% of the total score indicating that all the Water Companies are providing a very similar service which conveyancers can rely upon.

97% of conveyancers said that they would speak highly about the company if asked.  With 94% saying that service levels were consistent or better than previous searches conducted.

Speaking about the survey Mark Jarvis of Severn Trent stated “What I like about this survey is that it shows the true position of how easy it is to do business with us.”

“Many other providers of water and drainage searches routinely say it takes 3-5 days but we know that actually 98% of all searches are done within 3 working days if ordered directly.”

John Pickford of Thames Water said “We are in the business to create long term relationships between Thames Water and its customers.  Providing them with a good service when they move in is critical to the relationship we form with them.”

When asked what conveyancers could do to help water companies return searches more quickly Mark Jarvis said that sometimes the information that is given by conveyancers or resellers isn’t always as accurate as it could be and to ensure a swift response, clear and accurate ordering information was important. 
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