UKs leading conveyancer comments on Veyo

Following a number of market rumours, Today’s Conveyancer contacted myhomemove to ask for their comments on Veyo.

CEO of myhomemove, Doug Crawford, commented: “Like much of the rest of the conveyancing market, we have been trying to observe the Veyo project to understand what is going to be built. The current lack of detail about what the Veyo product will be at launch or in the future, coupled with no information on pricing, means that major players in the conveyancing market can’t form a view on whether Veyo offers meaningful benefits for conveyancers or the market as a whole.”

When asked by Today’s Conveyancer whether myhomemove would be seeking to integrate its market leading eWay product with Veyo, Doug replied, “Based on the information available today, it’s hard to see why we would. Without a compelling reason for modern conveyancers to engage with Veyo, the critical mass needed to make some of the more interesting proposed future features work in practice, would seem unlikely to be achieved.”

He added “It’s encouraging to see that progress is being made by a variety of other market players to develop technologies that will support ongoing improvement in the conveyancing process. myhomemove intend to continue to lead the charge in using technology to improve the customer experience, reduce risk, and speed up conveyancing for all of our customers.”

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