UK asking prices hit record high

Research from property management company Move with Us, has put the average UK asking price at £232,000 in June 2012.

The figure was £228,000 at the same time last year.

This research directly contradicts the recent RICS UK Housing Survey which identified falling prices as a key market trend.

The Move with Us research shows signs show sellers have increasing confidence in the market and expect more for their properties.

They say asking prices across the UK have increased by an average of £5,540 in the last six months.

This confidence appears to have paid off with the average number of days required to sell a property dropping by 45 days over same period.

Ben Greco, Director, Move with Us said: “The property market in the UK has proven to be very robust over the last few years with house prices holding strong in the face of a tough economic climate.

“We are pleased that our latest figures have shown signs of overall progression and that buyers and sellers alike seem to be viewing local market conditions more positively.”

Mr Greco said that the discount on asking price that buyers were negotiating had also decreased showing the strength of the market. 

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