How To Take Charge & Get Paid What You’re Worth

Today’s Training is hosting a short online training session on 8 October at 10am with best-selling author Vanessa Ugatti, discussing how you can generate more revenue whilst having more time to feel confident whilst you’re fee earning.

Far too many lawyers are not getting a fair return on their hard work and the value they provide, not because they are not good at what they do, but because they don’t know how to value themselves or have the confidence to charge effectively.

As a result, these conscientious professionals often end up working with the wrong clients, over-servicing the ones they have and discounting fees inappropriately (even when the client hasn’t asked for it!) This results in them being overworked and underpaid, due to issues with pricing, service boundaries, fees and billing.

The training will cover: 

  • How to take charge
  • How to understand value
  • How to communicate value
  • How to be confident discussing fees
  • How to realise the importance of having the right conversations with prospects at the right time
  • How to inspire confidence to charge your true worth

The course costs £30 per person and will count towards a practitioners continued development.

For more information and to book your place on the course click HERE.

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