Today’s Talk: Property Fraud in the Conveyancing Sector (Part 2)

This week we’ll be once again focusing on property fraud in the conveyancing sector.

You may have heard we have launched Today’s Talk – our new video series that gets your important questions answered.

Each week, we pose a different question to a range of conveyancing and legal professionals – including technology experts, insurers, industry regulators, as well as conveyancers themselves.

In this latest episode, we hear from a number of experts on how they think conveyancers can overcome and help prevent property fraud from occurring in the first place. Today, we hear from:

  • Tony Piccirillo (Senior Partner at AVRillo)
  • Rob Hailstone (Founder of Bold Legal Group)
  • Paul Hajek (Managing Director of Clutton Cox Solicitors)
  • Darren Cox (Bold Legal Group and former Ombudsman at The Legal Ombudsman)

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