Title Interrogation Report launched by CLS

Conveyancing Liability Solutions Limited (CLS) has announced the launch of TitleChecker, a new title interrogation report that examines Land Registry records and the relevant sections of the CML Handbook Part 1 and Part 2.

TitleChecker automates the process of reviewing a title and produces a report to identify which areas require attention or further investigation.

Each report includes the Official Copy of Register of Title from the Land Registry (OC1).

Matt Le Breton, Managing Director of CLS said: “CLS are delighted to be launching a product that assists conveyancers with title investigation.

“By reducing the analysis required of title documents, conveyancers can identify and resolve more complicated issues that require their expertise, while assisting lenders in helping to reduce fraud.

“The market is heavily focused on streamlining processes and minimising risk for both lenders and consumers – TitleChecker£® ticks both boxes.”

To find out more and review a sample TitleChecker£® please visit www.clsl.co.uk telephone 01732 897 530 or email [email protected]

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