The true cost of residential/home care

Legal Practice Management Solutions believe that the research carried out by Dickinson Dees hits the right notes — good, hard evidence which makes it easier to prompt discussions between clients and lawyers, in a defined age bracket, regarding their wider legal needs.
The research carried out by Dickinson Dees has revealed that nearly two million homeowners in Britain aged 35-54 fully expect to have to sell their home during their retirement to meet the care costs if they or their partner were to become infirm.
Based on a study of almost 4,500 adults, the research has led Nicholas Payne, a solicitor at Dickinson Dees, to urge families to talk about the issue of future care so they can take pre-emptive action.  He said:
“Our study reveals that more than half the British population believe the government should be picking up the bill for care costs for the elderly although it is most unlikely that they will: either in the short or long term. The stark reality is nearly half (44%) of Great Britain’s middle aged homeowners expect to lose their home if they have to foot the bill themselves.”
“Families need to break the taboo of silence on infirmity and mortality that currently leads to two generations being robbed of a pleasant retirement, replacing it with the misery of a battle to meet escalating care costs.  Plans need to be drawn up when people reach retirement, not once they are already drifting into infirmity and the risk of health problems.”
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