The CLC release update regarding Fridays Property Lawyers (in Administration)

The Council for Licensed Conveyancers has released a Notice regarding Fridays Property Lawyers (in Administration).
The CLC have released the Notice below regarding the recent announcement that Fridays Property Lawyers went into Administration on 30th December 2010:
“Fridays Property Lawyers went into Administration on 30 December 2010. Since that date the CLC has been working with the Administrators of Fridays Property Lawyers to ensure that transactions where contracts were exchanged prior to 30 December 2010 can proceed to completion with minimal inconvenience to the buyer/seller clients and to lenders. The CLC confirms that Fridays Property Lawyers (in Administration) is duly authorised to take these matters through to completion and for this purpose is to be treated as a Recognised Body regulated by the CLC. The CLC further confirms that Catherine Williams, a solicitor with a current practising certificate, is accepted by the CLC as a Qualified Person and is accepted as a Manager of Fridays Property Lawyers (in Administration).
Any queries should be made to Lynn Nicholls ([email protected]) 01245 349599.”
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