Technology revolution desperately needed in conveyancing industry

Clear, who recently won the Best Conveyancing Technology Award at the Property Professional Show 2011, have launched a new software based product that they say will take conveyancing into the 21st century, citing that they have developed the online software conveyancing system so that it is “fast, easy to use and more profitable for solicitors”.
The Clear process starts right at the beginning of a transaction, as the seller puts the property on the market, before a buyer is even found.  The idea being that the estate agents can market the property with all the legal ‘due diligence’ having been done and exchange can therefore take place very quickly once a buyer has been found.
Clear believe that morale has dropped to an “all time low” with service standards following suit and they say that a technology revolution is desperately needed within the conveyancing industry.
Ed Powell, Director of Clear, commented:
“When the purchasing decision for a service, such as conveyancing, is based on price it leads to firms reducing fees, lower profit margins and falling standards. This is what has happened to conveyancing over the past 10 years and is corroborated by the findings in the latest OFT report which shows widespread customer dissatisfaction.”
If you are a local solicitor or agent then Clear could help you complete with the corporates.  Conveyancers who register with Clear will receive regular updates on industry developments such as lender panels and PI — subjects that every conveyancer should have their eye on at the moment as the industry is at risk and is going to see major change. Solicitors interested in joining Clear can phone 0845 643 6164 or email [email protected] as there is no cost to join.
Commenting on their recent award Ed continued:
“We are delighted to have received this award from our peers in the industry. We have been planning this project for 2 years and it is immensely satisfying to see our vision for a fast reliable conveyancing model being embraced by solicitors, lenders, estate agents, searches companies, insurers and PI companies. We are re-defining conveyancing as a customer focused service industry where service is the key differentiator not price. As such, whilst our system allows solicitors to set their own fees, we are not allowing firms to undercut beneath what we consider is a reasonable fee to charge for a good quality service”.
Clear are also now in talks with CML and PI Insurers with a view to using Clear to control their risk in the market and whilst they are not a panel manager Clear want to help agents deliver a better home moving experience to their Clients by speeding up the search process.
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