Technology law specialist to lead conveyancing giant, Simplify Group

Previously CEO of BT Expedite, telecoms lawyer David Grossman has now been appointed chief executive of the Simplify Group — a leading conveyancing business with a turnover exceeding £60 million.

The recent transition follows a private equity deal earlier this summer, where Palamon Capital Partners gained a stake in the Simplify Group empire. The business now includes Move With Us, DC Law, Chorus Law, as well as law industry leaders QualitySolicitors.

Grossman is planning to maintain the current management team who will be reporting to him, and says he: “will seek opportunities to further develop the existing businesses and pursue opportunities for growth through strategic integration.”

Throughout his career, Grossman has gradually grown into a true leader in the technology world. Stepping onto the law career ladder as a commercial and technology lawyer at Berwin Leighton Paiser, he moved onto become a business development specialist and more recently worked his way up to become CEO of BT Expedite — the retail technology business.

Having developed a thriving career in the technology industry, Grossman is undoubtedly ready to take this newly established group to the next level, saying: “A major opportunity exists to build value based on the delivery of first-class legal services which have customer experience and satisfaction at their core.

“I am looking forward to developing and integrating the group of companies, each of which is separately a leader in its area, and which together will become even stronger.”

Palamon partner Daan Knottenbelt is also very confident about the recent business developments, commenting: “We are delighted that David Grossman is bringing his experience and leadership to develop the new group, driving forward our vision for an innovative and significant player in the legal marketplace.”

These significant shifts in the Simplify Group business will certainly be intriguing to observe over the coming months.

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