Surf for a solicitor?

A new website is being launched which hopes to shake-up the legal industry. aims to make it easier for consumers by allowing them to search online for a lawyer.

It hopes to become a portal for anyone to gain access to quality cost-effective legal advice.

The idea came from three friends — a property investor, a management consultant and a barrister.

They came up with the concept in response to their own problems finding good and dependable solicitors when buying their  homes.

They realised that the idea of having a family solicitor had essentially disappeared and that word-of-mouth recommendations had been replaced by reliance upon the internet.

Param Singh, one of the directors, said: “I experienced many problems when trying to find a reliable solicitor for my property investments, and Mr Lawyer will make the difficult process of finding good lawyers as easy as using Amazon.”

Jasvir Degun, a barrister and Director of the website, added: “I have met many people who have found it difficult trying to get solicitors in the first place.

“This website will revolutionise the process of instructing lawyers, making it even more client focussed whilst ensuring that good quality solicitors and barristers can survive way into the future.”

At the moment Mr Lawyer is yet to confirm exactly how it will operate.

They are currently consulting prior to launch to ensure the website meets the needs of users.

If you would like to be involved in this consultation please contact [email protected]

The website will launch in October 2012, initially focussing on London, but hoping to roll out across the UK over the next year.

What will this mean for access to legal services? Perhaps until exact details are confirmed, it’s too early to tell.

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