Stopping same day exchange and completions

Kirstie Allsopp the well known TV presenter and supporter of Grant Shapps policy to abandon HIPS has vowed to "do something if it kills me " about same day exchange and completions.
Whilst there will always be detractors that would relish the thought of a failure to do something we hope that this may bring some light on the additional stress introduced to home buying for all parties and professionals when chains demand simultaneous exchanges and completions.
In a late night conversation with her 46,000 followers on Twitter, the property expert explained the hardship and challenges caused to the public and conveyancers alike by same day exchanges and completions.  With the backing of many tweeters who had industry knowledge and supportive comments from home buyers the vow was well received.
Quite how it will be possible to influence the demands of the public and manage chain expectations in this way was not discussed in the 140 characters available in eact tweet.
A number of conveyancers charge additional fees for same day exchange and completions.  What is your view?
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