STL launch a new report that could uncover hidden property value

With the government fully committed to unlocking more land for future development STL have launched a new report, DevAssess.  The new report gives a professional opinion on potential future development opportunities within a 75m radius of the property and includes the local neighbourhood.
Any hint of development plans could have a significant bearing on whether a client chooses to continue with their purchase and could save them considerable time, money and stress.
The new DevAssess report from STL will give a professional opinion with reference to:
Potential for development of the intended property; and
The risk of potential developments nearby
In order that a client can comprehend the full impact and the scale, DevAssess includes an Ordnance Survey search, inspection of aerial maps and an inspection of the Local Plan and also includes a full PlansearchPlus report.
Together with the obvious benefits STL say that an added benefit in obtaining a DevAssess report could be an indication that there is a hidden value in the property although further advice may need to be sought in this respect.
Any development can seriously affect how a home owner enjoys their property and a report of this nature could be instrumental in the decision making process, eliminating the guesswork that often comes with the purchase of a new home.
Is this a service that your clients could benefit from?  For further details you can contact STL on 0800 318611 or download a sample from the STL website.
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