SRA to look at public experience of conveyancing

The experiences of people using the conveyancing services offered by solicitors will be analysed by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA). In a recent announcement, the SRA stated that the views of around 1,000 conveyancing clients will be gathered, regarding the legal element of their home sale or purchase. Information collected will be used by the SRA to shape the way it regulates.

The experiences of the public will be gathered by independent researchers, IFF Research, who will look at four main elements of the legal conveyancing process: access, choice, quality, and cost. The SRA state that the responses will highlight strong and weak areas of practice, as well as drawing attention to any specific areas of concern.

In addition, the project also aims to analyse other issues, including the public perception of technology’s impact on conveyancing process as well as any experience of risks, such as cybercrime.

Commenting on the study was Crispin Passmore. The SRA Executive Director, Policy highlighted the relevance of the research in furthering conveyancing market understanding and development.

“The research will play an important role in increasing our understanding of the conveyancing market. We want to know how it is changing, and how changes elsewhere – such as fixed fees and technology – will affect the experiences of solicitors and those who use their services.”

Research of solicitor experience in the conveyancing process was previously collected in 2013.

The results of the most recent study aim to be completed in autumn 2017.





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