SRA issue reminder for Solicitors Roll

The Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) has issued a reminder of the deadline for those Solicitors without practising certificates to remain on the Solicitors Roll.
Solicitors who do not have a Practising Certificate only have a further six weeks in which to apply to remain on the Roll with the cut-off date being Tuesday 18th June.
To date around 74% of the estimated 38,000 eligible individuals still need to begin the online process.  You can make your application via mySRA where there is both a user guide and some FAQs to assist applicants.  A £20.00 fee can be paid via credit/debit card at the time of submission although those Solicitors who have been on the Roll for 50 years or more will not have to pay this fee. 
Those Solicitors without Practising Certificates and who are yet to activate their mySRA account were sent letters advising them to activate their account as soon as possible.  This saw the SRA receive a number of items of returned post and bounced emails, indicating that there are Solicitors who have not updated their contact details — The SRA have published a list of these on their website.
Individuals who wish to remain on the Roll are advised that if completed applications and payments are not made by 18th June they could find themselves removed from the Roll of Solicitors.
Any Solicitor wishing to submit a request to be restored to the Roll of Solicitors will also need to do this via mySRA.
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