Social Distancing Measures Will Hinder Businesses Re-Opening

It has been a week or so since the Prime Minister Boris Johnson revealed that some businesses in England could once again begin to open their doors, as we all being to live in a country on the road from coronavirus recovery.

A survey conducted by the British Chamber of Commerce (BCC), has revealed that some companies will find it a lot harder than others to adapt to the ‘Covid-secure’ measures. This predominantly features around the social distancing guidelines that are still being implemented across the UK.

The BCC’s latest corona virus business impact tracker found that 10% of companies believe they are not yet able to implement the guidance issued by the Government and restart operations due to the challenges surrounding social distancing in the workplace.

The tracker did show some signs of positivity, as those organisations who are able to implement measures are implementing them in anticipation of opening their doors.

The tracker showed that 37% of companies said they can implement the new guidelines and will be able to restart their operations. Whilst 45% of companies believe they could partially reopen.

Dr Adam Marshall, BCC Director General, said:

“While businesses have welcomed the publication of official guidance on how they can reopen premises and restart operations, some sectors still require greater clarity from the Government on when and how they will be allowed to do so.

“This is particularly the case for hospitality and leisure companies, which will not reopen before July at the earliest.

“Companies at all levels of readiness to restart, of all sizes, and in every part of the UK will need sustained Government support as they navigate the ‘new normal’ with reduced demand and restrictions still in place.”

As well as social distancing issues, concerns have also been made about the availability of personal protective equipment to ensure the safety of employees and clients.

We’ve seen since the re-opening of the English property market that estate agents have altered the way they conduct viewings, there have been changes to the way ‘open’ house viewings are run, and valuations for a while took their turn being conducted online.

However, as more people continue to return to a physical place of work, it’s clear to see that these concerns will only continue to grow if people feel their safety needs aren’t being met.

What measures have you implemented to ensure you’re following the Government guidelines? How easy or difficult have you found it to source personal protective equipment?

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