SLC announces tie up with Conveyancing Map

The Society of Licensed Conveyancers (SLC) has today announced a tie up with the newly launched Conveyancing Map with a special deal for its members. The new on-line tool allows conveyancing firms to undertake a comprehensive analysis of the markets in which they are operating and use the outputs to tailor their future approach to marketing and business development and planning.

The arrangement between the parties sees SLC members benefiting from a healthy discount if they sign up to use the tool in the coming months.

Simon Law, the Chairman of SLC said ‘we are delighted to add this arrangement to the wide array of benefits that we already offer our members. Having seen the tool in action, I am in no doubt as to the value it will bring to many members’ businesses.’

Richard Hinton, the CEO of The Conveyancing Map said ‘The Conveyancing Map is a unique tool that grants conveyancers new insight into their own performance and that of their competitors. Users cite an ability to track their own market share against that of their competitors as a key feature but uses range from supporting marketing planning through business plan development to due diligence around strategic acquisitions.’

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