Simply Conveyancing MD Shares His Views On Conveyancing Market

Ben Davidson, Managing Director of Simply Conveyancing, spoke to Tom Lyes at Today’s Conveyancer about some of the problems that have arisen over the past few months as a result of the pandemic and opportunities that have been created.

What has the impact been on the workload your firm has seen?

Ben explains that his firm has gone “from one extreme to another” with regards to workload.

“During lockdown the market naturally went quiet, but since it re-opened the market has exploded with activity.”

You’re one of the top ranked conveyancing businesses on Trust Pilot. How does the Simply Conveyancing model work?

Simply Conveyancing is one of the top 25 conveyancers in the country and are well known for their use of technology, innovation and culture.

“We are a service business, and to be able to give a consistent high level service to your clients is down to your people. Your people are really important.”

Ben Davidson, Managing Director at Simply Conveyancing

How have you weathered the coronavirus storm?

The cancellation rate didn’t meet expectations with the Conveyancing Association mentioning that rates didn’t meet people’s expectations. Do you think this is because consumers were happy they wanted to wait for their new homes, as they understood the situation?

Since the 23 July 2020, Today’s Conveyancer has been keeping track of the number of adverts that include the term “conveyancer” on recruitment website Indeed, which has shown an increase of over 34%. Seemingly the surge in demand and the stamp duty holiday has made the conveyancing sector a very busy place at the moment.

What are your experiences of the recruitment market? How do you look after your colleagues?

With regards to recruitment, how do you find your new colleagues adapt to your culture?

What is the workplace culture like at Simple Conveyancing?

“words mean nothing, actions mean everything.”

“it’s not about counting the hours, it’s making the hours count.”

Ben Davidson, Managing Director at Simply Conveyancing

Do you nurture in-house talent as well as recruiting externally?

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